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High performance industrial piston rings and engine valves for diesel, gas and steam engines as well as all types of compressors, pumps and hydraulic equipment.

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Engine Valves

Research and development plays an important role, and our staff is continually creating and testing new ways to improve the efficiency, life and performance of engine valves. Beginning with computerized design and continuing through each stage of the manufacturing process, our "hands-on" production techniques produce the finest industrial engine valves available.

The leadership position that we’ve taken can be directly attributed to an investment in specialized machining equipment, advanced manufacturing processes and a genuine desire to set new quality standards in the engine valve market.

Piston Rings

Our piston rings are manufactured of the highest quality materials by skilled craftsman utilizing the latest in specialized equipment and processes. Our rings are stress relieved for flatness, specially tested for circularity and surface treated with "Moly-bond" for fast break-in.

Most common replacement rings and engineered ring sets are carried in stock. Rings of special design are expertly produced to your exact specifications. Our engineering department is available without obligation to assist you with specific applications or problems.

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