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Hydraulic Lifters

The WESCO hydraulic valve adjuster (lifter) is a completely self-contained unit designed for easy installation with minimum maintenance and absolutely NO lubrication.

The unit is available with WESCO's complete push-rod assembly, which replaces the existing push-rod with no alterations to the engine. WESCO's hydraulic lifter body is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, with a fluoroelastomers bellows system to seal the internal unit. The internal unit consists of an aircraft-grade steel driver, chrome-vanadium spring and AP220 hydraulic oil specifically formulated for this application.

These components are manufactured, assembled and tested with strictly controlled procedures under constant inspection at specified intervals throughout the production process at our Marshall, TX facility. The end result is a durable, dependable hydraulic lifter that provides quick, positive response under your engine's rocker arm. This process is necessary to maintain the correct tappet clearance needed for extended valve and seat life with maximum efficiency.

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