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Power Piston Rings

Suggestions for Piston Ring Installation

A large variety of type, style, and materials are available at SAFETY SEAL for use in industrial gas, diesel, and steam engines. The following ring types are commonly manufactured for today's gas engines. Custom specification and dimensions are available with appropriate lead time. See Materials and Applications Page for detailed listing and availability.

Safety Seal Compression Ring

Up to 32" diameter

A one-piece sealing ring with an overlapping joint designed to prevent blow-by in either new or worn cylinders. The alloy sealing member is permanently bonded along its entire length and will neither break nor come off. The angular design of the sealing member and its recess holds BOTH ENDS of the ring together in perfect alignment as pressure is applied. The greater the pressure, the tighter the sealing tongue is locked in its recess, forming an unbroken circle without any protrusion which could cause scoring or port clipping. This ring is highly recommended for most types of internal combustion engines and hydraulic equipment.

Super Moly Compression Ring

Up to 22" diameter

The Safety Seal Super Moly Compression Ring is the latest advancement in hard surfacing of piston rings. It is available in oxyacetylene plasma applied molybdenum alloys.

The Safety Seal Super Moly Ring seats quickly, and its oil-retaining quality (due to high porosity) provides the best ring available for top groove application in turbo-charged engines and severe operating conditions. A Moly-filled ring offers faster breaking time and may be run in either cast iron or chrome cylinders.

Plain Compression Ring

Up to 32" diameter

A standard, plain concentric, quick-seating piston ring of one-piece construction for maximum strength. Butt cut, angle cut and step cut joints are available; specify type when ordering.

Types PCA and PCB are also available chrome plated.

Taper Face Compression Ring

Up to 22" diameter

A slight taper on the outside face provides line contact of high unit pressure with the cylinder wall for quicker seating and faster break-in. Supplied in butt cut unless otherwise specified.

Also available chrome plated.

Bronze Band Compression Ring

Up to 22" diameter

A standard one-piece compression ring with one or two bronze bands, depending on the ring dimensions. The bronze band is permanently bonded and fused to the body of the ring; this construction does not weaken the ring and the bronze bands will not work loose.

Supplied in butt cut unless otherwise specified.

Heavy Duty Oil Ring with Coil Expander

Up to 22" diameter

This Heavy Duty Oil Control Ring is the most efficient conformable design for use in piston grooves provided with oil drainage return through the groove root diameter. The narrow undercut oil scrapers will retain their calculated unit wall load even with normal expected wear in long service, providing economical oil consumption throughout the life of the ring set. 

Super Oil Scraper Ring with Coil Extender

Up to 22" diameter

The Super Oil Scraper is a highly efficient conformable oil control ring to be used where piston grooves are not provided with oil drainage in their root diameter. The two narrow undercut oil scraping edges efficiently "peel" oil from the cylinder wall, yet maintain a calculated pressure against the cylinder even as the ring wears in long service. Oil relief ports are machined on lower scraper edge to allow for oil drainage.

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