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Compressor Rings

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Materials and Applications sheet for specific properties

Segmental Compression Piston Ring

Safety Seal Segmental Piston Rings have filleted step-cut joints and each section is interchangeable with others of the same size. The filleted joint prevents wire cutting of the ring. Hoop-type stainless steel expanders are standard; crimped type stainless steel expanders are available. Expanders are designed with sufficient tension to hold the ring segments against the cylinder wall. The pressure behind the ring affects the actual seal.

One-Piece Compression Piston Ring

The Safety Seal One-Piece Piston Ring is normally made with a radial thickness suitable for springing over the head of a solid piston, but when it is to be used on pistons of the built-up type with a removable head or follower, the type piston and the groove depth should be specified so that a ring with greater thickness may be furnished.

This type of ring is regularly manufactured with built-in tension so that an inner ring is not necessary. However, a spring-tensioned ring can be supplied grooved for stainless steel or monel wire expander; or fitted with flat, hoop-type stainless steel expander.

The One-Piece Piston Ring is furnished with butt, angle or step-cut joint. Step cut will be furnished unless otherwise specified. Also available in 2 piece angle, butt or step cut.

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