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Materials and Applications


    SAFETY SEAL uses a Class 40 Gray Iron which is a more widely used material for piston rings and seal rings. The presence of Type "A" Graphite in a Ferritic or Pearlitic Matrix provides good dimensional stability, uniform hardness, good wear resistance and lubrication retention. The lubrication retention properties of the iron permits the material to be used un-plated and even where lubrication is borderline. This material is also used as a base for plating, IE. Chrome Tin


    This grade of Iron is noted for it's high impact resistance. Ductile Iron's high strength and elasticity allow heavier loads with less deflection. The two most common grades that safety seal uses are 80-55-06, which is basically pearlitic with good machinability and toughness, and 65-45-12 Grade Ductile which has maximum toughness and machinability. Ductile Iron is used primarily for Piston Rings where high strength and wear resistance are necessary attributes.


    Due to it's high alloy content, Type 1 castings are noted for their resistance to corrosion, erosion, wear and heat. Some applications include Exhaust Manifold Rings where the heat could climb up to 1300°F. and wear Rings for handling sour gas, salts, saltwater, and acids.


    Used primarily in a poor lubrication service adn in an application where corrosive liquids or gases might cause Cast Iron to fail. 

      -GRADE C96300 BRONZE

    A high-quality Leaded Tin Bronze which has been found to be more suitable in general applications.

      -GRADE C93700 BRONZE

    A high-quality Leaded Bronze with certain percentages of Lead and Bronze, frequently used in a poor lubrication service. 

    Other grades of Bronze are accessible to SAFETY SEAL, The above two are the more popular grades.


    A medium weave, cotton fabric base laminate. Properties equal requirements of NEMA C.E. Molybdenum-disulfide      lubricant has benn added to the Phenolic Resin to further reduce friction. These Rings operate with very little lubrication and have a maximum continuous oprating temperature of 250° F.


    These materials have anti-friction and anti-wear characteristics built in through the addition of Molybdenum-disulfide to the resin. These superior materials allow for top performance over a wide range of operating conditions, from low temperatures to a continuous 375° to 425° F. temperature, with little lubrication, These materials are used in Piston Rings, Rider Rings, Compressor Valve Plates, and Rotary Valves.

6.    TEFLON

    SAFETY SEAL TEFLON utilizes Dupont's Polytetrafluroethylene to achieve a quality of performance which exceeds all other materials in non-lubricated applications, This is due to its' phenomenal native lubricity and frictionless properties. Chemically inert and uniquely wear resistant, Teflon is extremely tough and is available in three additive blends all especially developed to operate in lubricated or non-lubricated service. Teflon Glass filled, Teflon Glass Moly filled and Teflon Carbon filled each possess notable wear resistance impervious to corrosive gases, moisture, and temperature extremes. 

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